Westland acquires William Sinclair

WESTLAND says it’s ‘business as normal’ following its acquisition of one of the leading horticultural firms in the UK.

Westland Horticulture has acquired William Sinclair and has immediately taken them out of administration. The purchase includes the Ellesmere Port facility and additional manufacturing assets; Sinclair’s brands, J. Arthur Bowers, New Horizon, Growing Success and Deadfast, as well as Silverperl and professional growing media businesses.

This acquisition will bring much needed stability to William Sinclair’s business and brands starting from today. The focus in the short term will be to connect with all customers as well as to push forward with the exciting 2016 product plans due to be launched in September.

Edward Conroy, Managing Director at Westland Horticulture said: “We have always believed that Sinclair’s is an important part of our industry’s landscape, and we are fully committed to maintaining this for the long term.

“Sinclair’s is fundamentally a good business and our focus is to work together with all customers in the professional and consumer sectors to make the transition simple and clear to all involved. It is imperative that over the coming days we keep our lines of communication open with customers and stakeholders.

“Westland is focused on delivering a strong future for Sinclair’s business, infrastructure and brands, which can only thrive from being part of the Westland family.

“For now it’s very much business as usual for all concerned.”