Westland unveils SafeLawn ad campaign

Westland has announced that it will invest over £2m in a TV and digital advertising campaign in 2017 to promote Westland SafeLawn, a new product encouraging more consumers to feed their lawn.

Westland SafeLawn taps into what Westland describes as a ‘£10m opportunity’, as it appeals to households who have a lawn, but are put off using chemicals due to concerns about children and pets.

Over 16 million consumers are expected to see the TV advert over five times during April and May. Of these viewers, over 60% of parents walking into garden retailers will be interested in the product and four million will be actively seeking pet and child-safe alternatives, according to YouGov research.

The TV advert will use CGI technology to introduce ‘LawnMan’, a big friendly character made entirely from lawn. He puts up with a lot – kids, pets, the passing seasons and harsh weather conditions. In the advert he is worn and tired. He longs to be loved, to be brought to life and to be part of the family again.

Enter Westland SafeLawn. After one application, he comes to life, revived and ready to play. Westland says that LawnMan will show parents and pet owners that they can get a thick, green lawn that’s 100% natural and safe for children and pets.

Westland SafeLawn is an organic fertiliser with added lawn seed, designed to nourish lawns, greening them up within a week and then continuing to feed as it naturally breaks down, Westland says. The fertiliser also contains special, naturally-occurring bacteria, which converts dead moss and thatch to nutrients to feed the grass.

Westland Horticulture brand manager Daniela Constantine said: “We know that only 16% of households actually feed their lawn, so this represents a massive opportunity for the lawncare category, an opportunity that is worth a potential £10m.

“This TV advert is designed to delight and educate both children and their parents about the neglect their lawn puts up with throughout the year. By feeding with Westland SafeLawn, they really can bring their lawn to life.”