Withdrawal of rotenone will be great loss

The Pesticide Safety Directorate has announced a decision to withdraw approval for the sale of the popular insecticide rotenone, more commonly known as derris.
Robert Smit, product manager for Bayer Garden said: “We respect the decision made by the PSD which is consistent with the rigorous standards being applied to all plant protection product registrations. The withdrawal of products containing rotenone, which have been used by gardeners for many years, will be a loss, particularly to those gardeners who prefer to use organic controls. Fortunately, there are a number of alternative products with more secure regulatory data support, both organic and conventional, available to gardeners who will be able to continue to protect their plants from pests just as effectively.”
There is no official withdrawal date as yet, but retailers are likely to have until September 2008 to sell all their remaining stocks. Gardeners are likely to be granted a further period in which stocks of rotenone products must be used up.
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