World Tulip gathering offers ‘summit for all’

One of the most important events on the 2008 calendar of flower lovers across the globe is coming to the UK. Having previously been held in Canada and Australia, the World Tulip Summit is set to take the small market town of Spalding by storm, especially as it will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the town’s famous Tulip Parade.
Organisers have invited delegates from Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, China, Chile, France, Japan, Netherlands, Turkey, USA and the UK to represent their countries at the Summit, and expect that many horticulturists and gardeners who love the tulip will also make the trip to Spalding to join in this unique celebration.
The programme will include talks on tulip art and photography, tulips in famous garden settings and other fascinating facts about the discovery of the tulip.
The original inspiration for these modern day Tulip Summits was the Great Tulip Conferences held in England during the 19th century by the various Tulip Societies. The last Great Tulip Conference to be held in England was in 1897 and was organised by the Royal National Tulip Society.
Now, over 100 years later the tulip is once again bringing enthusiasts from around the world back to England, showing the enormous interest in this much loved flower, which is still a favourite of horticulturists, gardeners and artists as well as being used as a symbol of international friendship through the international Tulip Summits.
The Tulip Summit is being organised by Springfields Horticultural Society and South Holland District Council, with the support of a number of horticultural organisations and commercial companies.