Wyevale Nurseries supplies 660 trees for sacred spaces

Hereford-based Wyevale Nurseries has been chosen to supply 660 bee-friendly trees to the Trees for Sacred Spaces initiative.

Wyevale Nurseries has been picked by The Conservation Foundation to provide the trees to be planted in London church yards later on in the year.

Wyevale Nurseries amenity and landscape sales manager Andy Congera (pictured) said: “We are so pleased to be supporting this initiative. We will be providing 12 different species to the project, which is also supported by the Church of England and the Mayor of London.

“The initiative is for churches in a London borough, and in the diocese of Southwark, London, Chelmsford or Rochester. Churches can help to green the capital. The trees will improve air quality and the health of London’s population and the environment, as well as supporting bees by providing pollen, nectar or resin.

“There are 660 free trees up for grabs so enough for every church in London to plant. The trees can be planted in a churchyard or they can be donated to a school, community group or other faith organisation.”

The free trees will be available between late October and late November 2017 as part of The Conservation Foundation’s Trees for Sacred Spaces project.

There are 12 different species available, which include hawthorn, bird cherry, wild cherry, whitebeam, crab apple, rowan, lime, tulip tree, Italian cypress, black mulberry, strawberry tree and yew.

The Conservation Foundation director David Shreeve said: “A fifth of the capital is already covered by trees but some parts of London are short of greenery. Churches can play an important role in helping to make their area look and feel better by working with their communities to plant trees. All the trees available will benefit London’s landscape and atmosphere as well as support the capital’s pollinators.”

People are able to select the species they want to plant and request any number of trees – availability permitting.

Those interested in taking part in the project and to receive free bee-friendly trees, can complete a registration form via www.conservationfoundation.co.uk/trees/ before July 31, 2017.

Before registering people are advised to make sure they have an appropriate planting site. Guidance to help people find a suitable site is available via the website. There is also more information on the 12 tree species available.