Yorkshire Flowerpots and Naylor Patio Pots at GAN 2008

Yorkshire Flowerpots and Naylor Patio Pots are pleased to be exhibiting again at the forthcoming GAN Show.

Some 10 years ago Naylor drew on over a century of clayware expertise to launch the Yorkshire Flowerpots range. The company uses local clays from its own quarries to produce pots, which are then fired in excess of 1050°C for up to five days in order to produce a blue core of incredible strength within the pot – thereby rendering it frostproof.

The Yorkshire Flowerpots range is unique in its use of Yorkshire fireclays and these high temperature kiln firings: the result is a product unrivalled in its durability and guaranteed fully frostproof.

Whilst British made pots remain close to their heart, Naylor recognise their customers’ need for a broad offering. Naylor has responded to this market demand by scouring the globe for attractive and competitively priced products and in early 2007 introduced their first range of imported pots of varying shapes, styles and finishes. 

For further information contact 01226 794059 or e-mail Liz.Hudston@naylor.co.uk